Times Are Changing

What's Peen Seen? has gone from strength to strength over the past year that we've been operating, and the time has come to make things a little bit sexier.

At the very beginning of 2013, we'll be moving over to a bigger, better, hotter website. 
There are a lot of bonuses to come with this, but the down side is that between now and then, you might experience a little down time, if you try to visit our website at the wrong time. Please don't let this bother you - just give it a few minutes and try again. 

If you do happen to experience any problems on a regular basis, please feel free to let us know, by emailing adampenny1991@googlemail.com and we'll sort it out straight away. 

At the same time, we're looking for more people to get involved and join our team. You can find out more about that right here - we'd love to hear from you.