Monday, 30 January 2012

The Bee - review

Written by: Woods (@Thomas_E_Woods)

Where did Woods Watch it?
Soho Theatre, London
Was Woods Won Over?

Elastic bands, stunning choreography, and a fantastic score all contribute to a show that is buzzing with energy from get go. The Bee by Colin Teevan and Hideki Noda (who also directs and performs) asks what happens when a victim becomes an aggressor. Mr Ido finds his family is being held hostage by Ogoro; an escaped murderer, and takes the entirely reasonable course of action to hold the murderer’s family hostage resulting in a very bizarre standoff.

Matilda the Musical - review

Written by: Lozmonster (@LozStreet1)

Where Woz Loz?
Cambridge Theatre, London
Woz Loz Loving it? 

Well, through the medium of the program, the folks at Matilda have called me a 'stinky worm' just for being born in April, but I figured they must mean it in a nice way, because if they didn't love me they wouldn't have given me a such a good evening.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Kafka V Kafka - review

Written by: Skipper (@Skipper2472)

Where did Skipper skip to? 
Brockley Jack Studio

Nameless Theatre present Kafka V Kafka, a play written by Howard Colyer and based on the one hundred plus page letter Kafka Jr wrote his authoritarian father. Directed by Howard Colyer the play is set within the imagination of the young Kafka as he hears the voices of his father crushing the arguments he is writing.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Centre Stage on What's Peen Seen?: Howard Colyer

Howard Colyer is a playwright and novelist. His most recent productions were,The Overcoat, which had a sell-out run at the Brockley Jack in January 2011; Conference Call, which was selected for LOST Theatre's One Act Play Festival in May; and Homework which appeared at the Jack in November 2011. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Tempest - review

Written by: Dombo (@DomOJFryer)

Where's Dom Gone?
The White Bear Theatre – a small pub somewhere in Kennington.
Was Dom fond?

It was the beginning of a strange evening. As I arrived in Waterloo, I found I was hungry, so purchased what I believed would be a delicious Croque Monsieur – how wrong I was. Unfortunately, this proved to be an all-too-accurate fable of the nights experiences; I arrived in Kennington looking forward to White Bear Theatre's production of a Shakespearean classic, The Tempest. What I hoped for was a vibrant piece of fringe theatre, well thought out and delicately planned, with some ambitious direction in a venue that won a Time Out award in 2011 for “West End Teasers”. Unfortunately, on this showing, most of the cast wouldn't make it on Eastenders; not even as the extras in the market place.

Who will be the new Jesus?

Who will be the new Jesus? A week full of closings and new beginnings.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Country - review

Written by: Peeny (@AdamPeeny)

Where's Peen been?
The Pleasance, London
Was Peen keen?

‘The more you speak, the less you say’ seems like a suitable description for the cast of this production. The rest of the play is as beautifully written by Martin Crimp, deservingly regarded a national treasure – the actors just don’t play it quite right.

The Grandfathers - review

Written by: Lozmonster (@LozStreet1)

Where Woz Loz?
The Ovalhouse Downstairs, London
Woz Loz Loving it?

This event came after a 20-minute break in the Ovalhouse cafe, having just experienced Round the House. My overall advice would be that 33% London are certainly a company you need to get yourself to see – get yourself a ticket to The Grandfathers, but maybe don’t bother with the less relevant site-specific stuff beforehand.

Round the House - review

Written by: Lozmonster (@LozStreet1)

Where Woz Loz?
The Ovalhouse, London
Woz Loz Loving it?

Round the House is part of 33% London’s gala/festival of young writing: six site-specific pieces written, directed and performed by under 26s.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

One Man Star Wars - review

Written by: Lozmonster (@LozStreet1)

Where Woz Loz?
Hall for Cornwall, Truro
Woz Loz Loving it?

Expectations ran high when Truro’s Hall for Cornwall welcomed the show from a galaxy far, far away: Canada, in fact. With stormtroopers standing guard outside (yes, really) the audience arrive for One Man Star Wars – gracing the Cornish stage for just one night before continuing its tour.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Comedy of Errors - review

Written by: Dombo (@DomOJFryer)

Where's Dom Gone?
The National – I got let out!
Was Dom Fond?

It's true - Dombo was let out on day release. This week, I rocked up to the National Theatre, to watch one of Shakespeare's early classics – The Comedy of Errors.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cheap Chuckles on a Choosday

As recently reviewed by Skipper, ‘Shoot From The Hip’ perform exuberant improvised comedy every Tuesday at Covent Garden’s Top Secret Comedy Club. I strongly recommend taking a trip to watch the group in action as, with free entry, you’ll be hard pushed to find improv of such a high standard for so reasonable a price anywhere else!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shoot From The Hip; Improvised Comedy

Due to a substantial error in time keeping I arrived in Covent Garden three hours prior to an evening with ‘Shoot from the Hip’ improvised comedy group. Three hours in a cold and wet festive London left me tired and in no real mood to see a show, especially a show which by definition will be unpredictable. Knackered and damp I was the first to arrive at the small club and sitting alone in the front row I started to wonder if this was a mistake.