Friday, 3 February 2012

The 99 Comedy Club at The View, Leicester Square

The 99 Comedy Club do this, you might say, on a regular basis. They provide a perfect 'pre-night-out' setting, help to celebrate your birthday and fill a room with laughter, with no struggles whatsoever... apart from, on occasion, their microphones. 

The venue is most ideal; whilst a little squeezed for space, it's a brilliant opportunity to make conversation with those around you - by my experience, those that are spilling drinks on chairs and are certainly intoxicated. Probably one of the dangers of staging this kind of event in a nightclub; though it makes for great banter, much like the technical issues the compere and comedians had to deal with too. 

There's always the risk with comedy; some will laugh, some won't, and some might even get offended. This seemed to be the case at times, here, but it was forgiven. Like usual, I sat very close to the front dreading the moment a comedian speaks to me. Luckily, I prevailed. 

All three comedians prevailed alongside me - three acts that didn't struggle to have crowds in stitches. The 99 Comedy Club is definitely something you should make yourself familiar with. It's jokes. 

For more information, check out their website:


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