Saturday, 11 February 2012

Comedy Wednesday at The Paradise

Written by: Midds

The night begins with us getting completely lost - we walk far too far in the wrong direction and ultimately confuse a petrol garage assistant in asking for directions. Eventually we find our venue, Paradise. Much like the desert explorers finding a cool palm tree shaded pond from which to drink, we reach our haven of (alcohol and) comedy.

The first thing that strikes you about The Paradise is the atmosphere of the venue itself. With low lighting and multiple lampshades hanging from the ceiling (plus a mannequin of a headless woman) you feel as if you have been plunged into something slightly sinister but no less exciting. A huge red, illuminated cross hangs on the back wall, perhaps reminiscent of all the curses muttered before the acts go on stage. No need for cursing this evening however: all the acts are on top form. The line up begins with an absolutely charming compere in the form of Paul Sweeney, whose high energy wit and thick full moustache gets the crowd more than in the mood. Russ Powell follows suit and does not let the laughs decrease. Russ, who declares himself to look like the child from Disney’s ‘Up’ quickly deciphers that The Paradise crowd are very much up for some raunchy material, much to everyone’s delight.

Next comes some beautiful character comedy as Chastity Butterworth (performed by Gemma Whelan) meanders onstage and takes the microphone. Now I must at this point say that I am not usually a fan of character comedy, I can perhaps think of two exceptions - Al Murray and Lee Nelson, but now I can add a third to my list. Chastity Butterworth or ‘Titty-Butts’ as she used to be known in school, has me crying with laughter from very early on in her set. If you ever get a chance to see this slightly Victorian-esque woman please do, she will have you nearly spitting your drink onto the person in front of you much like myself. Poor bloke.

Jeff Leach, owner and organiser of the Comedy Wednesday, bounces on next. He brings to the stage more high energy and incredibly sexual wit - certainly making good use of that aforementioned red cross. Funny smut! To finish off the night we have the ever wonderful Russell Kane closing proceedings. His charm, high quiff and American porn-star impressions are nothing short of golden. Overall, I would more than recommend Comedy Wednesday at The Paradise pub in Kensal Green; you are sure to find stellar artists and a very friendly vibe. Paradise - it was just that.

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