Monday, 14 May 2012

Char's Stars: BABEL

Written by: Char (@charlypies)

So, BABEL round two…did Char’s Stars keep up the fight?

Talking to people about this show, I’ve repeated myself whilst sticking to my original view of the preview: the volunteers and actors make the show what it is. With the walkway leading into the park riddled with characters such as a cheeky accordion player, a stood up date and vast numbers of mac-clad beret-sporting “grinners”, one immediately recognises the bubbling themes of the piece - the individual vs the collective.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reach Out and Touch Me - review

Written by: Wendy (@Wendyfer1)

Shoreditch Town Hall, London

‘Wait up here and they’ll come and collect you and take you down to the basement’ are my first instructions from the gentlemen in the foyer. Shoreditch Town Hall has the appearance of a dying museum, standing out in its surroundings like Prince Charles in a chippy. Aspiring now to become a local cultural hub, the location is lending itself to arts projects such as Reach Out and Touch Me by Outbox LGB Theatre Company.