Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shoot From The Hip; Improvised Comedy

Due to a substantial error in time keeping I arrived in Covent Garden three hours prior to an evening with ‘Shoot from the Hip’ improvised comedy group. Three hours in a cold and wet festive London left me tired and in no real mood to see a show, especially a show which by definition will be unpredictable. Knackered and damp I was the first to arrive at the small club and sitting alone in the front row I started to wonder if this was a mistake.

However, the club suddenly filled up and in the space of a few minutes the room was buzzing. All memory of my damp evening was washed away within the first couple of energetic minutes. The six performers took to the stage and had the crowd in the palm of their hand from the get go.

They were relaxed and natural comic performers and this helped to create a friendly and intimate atmosphere in the room. I was drawn into to ‘Shoot from the Hip’ and their wide range of surreal worlds and situations completely and found myself shouting out suggestions more than I had at previous gigs. This was helped by their innovative way of encouraging the audience, instead of asking the room for individual suggestions they would make everyone shout out and then hone in on the most interesting or inventive. This made the whole room feel more at ease, less on the spot.

The comedy itself was slick and witty, but what made it better was the performers were truly and openly enjoying themselves as much as we were. To see performers love their act is always refreshing and engaging. The games were varied and their energy remained high throughout the evening.

This was Shoot from the Hips second show in their now weekly Tuesday night slot at the Top Secret Comedy Club and all I can say is that it is only going to get better from here. They have such a natural affinity together and with the audience, I can confidently say that these 8 comic performers (six perform each night taking breaks on rotation) are going places. My only criticism is time keeping - out of the two hours that was billed they only performed for just short of an hour and a quarter, but this will improve with the rest of the show as the run continues.
Catch it while you can! Top Secret Comedy Club, Covent Garden 7:30pm Every Tuesday.

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