Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ballet Revolución - review

Written By: Anna Jones (@Now4567Anna)

Sadler's Wells, London

Ballet Revolución is described as dance theatre in the programme forward from Lise Smith, but it's not really dance theatre; it's a dance bonanza demonstrating all that these exceptionally talented Cuban dancers can do. A fusion of ballet, contemporary, hip hop, Samba, and rumba which is linked by the overall theme of sensuality and celebration thereof. The choreography by original Tap Dog dancer Aaron Cash and Roclan Gonzalez Chavez is extremely crowd pleasing and their fusion of classical ballet with hip hop and contemporary causes many a gasp from the audience.

Photo: Dave Morgan
All of these dancers are soloists, there's no hiding in the back of the chorus line, however this does mean that the ensemble numbers don't always maintain a group focus when they are dancing in unison, but quite frankly they are all so impressive it just doesn't seem to matter. 

Jesús Elias Almenares draws the eye wherever he is - not just because he is a gifted dance professor but because his dance is not confined to his body; his experience of the movement shows on his face. In short he is a star because he dances and acts. This is a little lacking in other dancers who perform to fantastic music from the live band lead by Music Director Osmar Salazar Hernandez, but sometimes look rather stoney faced whilst doing so. 

It's very self indulgent - but why else are we here but to see a company of highly gifted multi-disciplined dancers from Cuba? We aren't here for a story, although at times it might be nice for the pieces to tie together with a little more sense. but they're from Cuba, they know how to love and dance with passion beyond our polite English applause which takes a little while to warm up. Once it does however, they receive a well deserved standing ovation and they reward us with a fantastic encore.

This production runs until 23 March 3013
For more information: http://www.sadlerswells.com/show/Ballet-Revolucion-2013

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