Saturday, 12 January 2013

BLOG: Char's Stars

Written by: Charlotte Lewis (@charlypie)

The first of a continuous blog outlining the shows I've seen recently that I thought deserved special recommendation. More than that, I rave about actors that you should know about and be keeping a watch out for, including those on stage and those due to tread the boards in the coming weeks.

Somersaults at the Finborough Theatre
Go and see this play if you are an aspiring actor and take a notepad. Half way through the Scottish Gaelic scene of this play I caught myself nodding along like an idiot, but instead of being embarrassed I thought ‘Well, at least Tom Marshall is doing his job and telling me the story with every other voice he has!’ What I am trying to say is, it’s easy to overlook the importance of all you do onstage whilst you struggle to regurgitate words from paper, but it should not be so if you want to go from being “meh” to a brilliant actor. Take a leaf out of these guys’ book and appreciate every thing you do and every word you are saying; even if you know an audience may not fully understand, help them to!
> Until 26 January 2013. 

Overruled at the Old Red Lion Theatre, Wilmington Theatre Company
Yet another company, who start out amongst friends, takes the ORL Theatre by storm. The founders who make up most of the cast have put together a delightfully acted set of George Bernard Shaw’s comedies with a few well-lit gauzes, fitting costumes and minimal set. I know I must keep boring people with my theory that since cuts have been made the “up-and-comers” have been punching that little bit harder, BUT it’s true. And these guys hold testament that nothing should stop you from making a good bit of theatre. Keep your eyes peeled for their next show.
> Until 19 January 2013. 

In the Republic of Happiness at the Royal Court Theatre
Crimp, you made me leave that theatre with the same resounding “uh-oh…” as every other audience member. If you’re looking for a reality check on the way we all whine, go and see this play. A tour-de-force cast do Crimp’s words utter justice with their commitment, playfulness and understanding of the philosophy within the play. Ellie Kendrick is a pocket rocket whom I guarantee all will be drawn to; I can’t wait to see her next stage venture, the buzzy way she treads those boards is infectious.
> Until 19 January 2013.

The Changeling at the Young Vic Theatre
There was a Beyoncé song in it, and it has affected the way I shall look at trifle forever, but let the cast be the convincing reason to go and see this utterly exhausting play. Nick Lee’s Antonio is mesmirising; watching him flitter back and forth between sane and mad provokes pity and laughter simultaneously, truly grabbing the audience’s investment in his character. Harry Hadden-Paton’s detailed and natural psychological journey from prim, lovesick pup to roaring wolf was wonderfully complex and thought provoking. It’s clear that Joe Hill-Gibbins had fun with this play and I am not ashamed to say that I certainly did too!

Cast Announcement: Gruseome Playground Injuries at the Gate Theatre
I am so happy that this quirky and interesting play has just cast one of the most eye-glue-inducing actresses I've seen, Mariah Gale. I first saw Gale in the Arcola Theatre's production of Pitchfork Disney and have been watching her ever since. When met with the lovely director Justin Audibert, she’s a definite Char’s Star to go and see. 
> From 22 January - 16 February 2013. 

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