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Straight - review

Written by: Peeny (@AdamPeeny)

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Bush Theatre, London
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A re-sparked friendship turns into a somewhat improbable bromance more special than most. But DC Moore’s production directed by Richard Wilson, based on the US film Humpday written and directed by Lynn Shelton, shows us the situation in a convincing manner and more prominently, makes us belly laugh the whole way through.

Lewis (Henry Pettigrew) and Morgan (Jessica Ransom) moved in to a very cosy flat that has now lost value. It’s lost value by about £50,000 so you’d be pretty miffed, right? Actually, as a married couple, they’re not doing that bad. They seem really in love; they’re not scared to talk about defecating and insult each other to no end. Things change ever so slightly, though, when long lost bestie of Lewis, Waldorf (excellent Philip McGinley) introduces himself by sticking his private member through the letterbox. Waldorf introduces Steph, the super chilled and feisty porn star and from here on in we see some of the most hilarious, unexpected circumstances perfectly mastered by Wilson and the four superb performers.

Photo: Robert Day
This production doesn’t make any desperate statement on sexuality, past its glaring title, and focuses much more heavily on the turmoil laid upon the marriage because Lewis wants to prove he’s more open-minded and less uptight than people think he is. It’s a ridiculous bet that naturally, wife Morgan doesn’t respond all that well to: the loveliness comes in the form of young love. As Morgan tries desperately to understand in order to keep her marriage safe, it’s incredibly difficult not to buy in to the impending hurt if she doesn’t grant her permission.

Prepare to suspend your disbelief completely and you’re in for a massive treat; taking male bonding to an entirely new and fantastically comic level, Straight is a must-see production that’s arrived in full force at the Bush Theatre. Whilst discussing the artistic examination of pornography and the boundaries of friendship and marriage at a crossroad, it doesn’t struggle in any way to connect with its contemporary audience. The cast and creative in their entirety deserve endless credit and for anyone in need of a good laugh on one of these freezing December evenings, look no further than W12. 

This production runs until 22 December 2012. 

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