Monday, 29 October 2012

Qudz - review

Written by: Peeny (@AdamPeeny)

Where's Peen been?
The Yard, London
Was Peen keen?

In an understated way that The Yard is perfectly suited to, this is one of the great 2012 theatrical productions. A mixture of live music, shadow performance and infliction of sensual material upon the audience comes together to make a truly moving production, written and directed by the Associate Artistic Director of the venue. It presents the opposition of Bush and Saddam from a perspective that a lot of London audiences will be oblivious to, making it something well worth seeing.

It’s a challenge to keep secrets, and a testament of one’s loyalty to their home turf. It’s a miserable world; the lunacy of living in a country (Iraq) when war breaks out is so believable but in this case, surprisingly hilarious.

We’re told, what seems to be, an accurate story on how the life of an Iraqi is dramatically affected by world leaders that they actually have no support or dedication to. There is a valid sense of how trapped the soldiers and residents of Iraq feel, which demonstrates the desire for freedom from every character (of which there are a lot) throughout the whole production. We see the before, during and after of the American invasion with a very poignant conclusion to the first act. It’s ever so slightly down hill from there, though.

This is a typical case of the long, ‘not quite as good’ second act syndrome; and it comes as such a shame after the gripping, wonderfully performed first act. Thankfully, there are ample comic moments to help liven up an act made of long-winded discussion – such as a lady walking on sand in heels, which until now, I didn’t realise would be so hilarious. Notably, a few performers seemed somewhat unsure of their next line or action which led to a lot of stumbling and clumsy movements.

This is a production that you can’t help but be moved by; and guaranteed, there is something new that you will learn. Whilst it would benefit from a larger company to fill the many roles, the cast are passionate and exemplary. The Yard is an ideal setting in terms of both their building and the location, and provides for an excellent winter setting. It’s a night of theatre that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

This production runs until 3 November 2012. 

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