Thursday, 23 August 2012

Repertory Theatre - Edinburgh Fringe review

Written by: Dombo (@DomOJFryer)

Where's Dom gone? 
C Venues (ECA), Edinburgh
Was Dom fond? 

Warning: the first two rows will get wet. Repertory Theatre (you will find out the definition of this term during the course of the play) is an incredibly fast – paced comedy, flown into the UK from Israel, Via Edinburgh. The Elephant and Mouse set the scene immediately, when a young ambitious playwright sits and waits, whilst the all – too – familiar sight of an eccentric, maniacal National Theatre boss decides whether or not to produce it in his theatre. Why this theatre exactly? This is the theatre where the young playwright's father died, on stage, whilst playing Hamlet.

The comedy is evident from the start of the play, with the theatre executive (who provides most of the laughs) tearing the playwright's script to proverbial pieces. The play develops, and we discover hidden secrets of the past and find out just why the theatre executive is behaving so bizarrely. The two actors in the piece have incredible chemistry; if they were on the periodic table, they would definitely be somewhere near the top... or wherever the most expensive houses are.

The set is simple, but sets the scene perfectly and the technical fronts are faultless in both theory and practice, all mirroring the performance of the two actors. In truth, this play is not simply a cheap laugh of a comedy; it is hilarious, fast and, at its peak, incredibly clever. Watching this piece will provide the audience with that rare moment of enlightenment you can gain when you piece together all the pieces of a puzzle; the satisfaction is comparable to finishing a Lego model, and fills you with childish glee.

Such is momentum of Repertory Theatre that I would not even urge you to go and see it with much pace; it will surely be coming to a theatre near you, quite soon. Just be sure to take an umbrella. 

This production has finished its run. 

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