Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Yes, Prime Minister - review

Written by: Peeny (@AdamPeeny)

Where's Peen been? 
Trafalgar Studios, London
Was Peen keen? 

Everything works out for Jim Hacker (Robert Daws), the Prime Minister at Chequers, because three call girls from Soho can save the world. This refreshed political satire, brought up to speed by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, should not be one that passes you by.

 In a political world where Blackberry’s have pretty much taken over, there is financial crisis and nobody actually knows what the deal is with global warming, the Prime Minister is whole heartedly against changing the Great British Pound to the Euro. From here on in, all hell breaks loose; the Kunranistan foreign minister’s (read “sex pervert”) time of arrival seems to come much sooner than desired, and he arrives with troubling expectations. He wants an orgy: without the orgy, there’s a precious contact that he will refuse to sign. Sir Humphrey Appleby (Michael Simkins), the Cabinet Secretary has been trying to secure the signing of the contract in the belief that it will ensure the Prime Minister remains in Office, as he endures the lead up to the next elections.

The PM is cursed with bad luck, though; countless rumours break loose in the media and he suffers betrayal from those he least expects. On top of this, he has to endure his extremely unhelpful Principal Private Secretary, Bernard Woolley (Angus King) too. We just can’t help but laugh – a hell of a lot – when the pressure gets to him and he hides under his desk. Clearly the idea of flying three call girls in a royal helicopter to Chequers, to have an orgy with the Kumranistan foreign minister in his own home, is a little too much. 

This newly updated version must be seen and heard. Its brilliance shines through a cast with no weak link. Though a little tiresome and repetitive in places, the next one-liner will be just around the corner ready to tickle your funny bone. A political satire as good as this has never been more appropriate, and allows London to laugh at all the nonsense within its own Government today – less than 400 yards away from where you take your seat in the auditorium. It makes for a patriotic evening with equal opportunities fornication – go and grab some as soon as possible. 

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