Sunday, 18 November 2012

Constellations - review

Written by: Peeny (@AdamPeeny)

Where's Peen been? 
Duke of York's Theatre, London
Was Peen keen?

Somewhere, in a parallel universe, this play hasn’t been written and performed and a whole load of people are missing out on something spectacular. Thankfully, in this universe, it’s now in its second run (after its first at the Royal Court earlier this year) and continues to receive loud cheers and rapturous applause. We’re definitely the lucky ones.

Photo: Johan Persson
We follow the life of Roland (Rafe Spall), a beekeeper and Marianne (Sally Hawkins), a lecturer at a university as they meet and fall in love in something that is anything but a linear plot.  It all begins at a barbecue, which leads to an affair and hints of neurological disease, all set below a stunning array of white balloons on a simple raised square designed by Tom Scutt. Every situation that we see is different and in the end, is completely touching, beautiful and almost unexpected.

Photo: Johan Persson
The design is expertly integrated to the nature of the play, which flows perfectly; it aids our following of the story in this otherwise quite rightfully complicated maze of life and love. Not only that, but it’s beautiful to look at too. From the moment that they enter, Spall and Hawkins do nothing short of a perfect job at keeping us hooked, laughing and sobbing for the very brief but fulfilled seventy minutes that they delight us with their charisma.

As actors, in this production, they are virtually faultless; the challenge that Nick Payne presents to them with this play that he penned so well is certainly not a chilled out butty at a barbecue and had it not been given the justice that it deserves, wouldn’t be forgiving either. Michael Longhurst’s production is second to none and shows us that time does fly – and will continue to fly even without us here – when you’re having fun. 

This production runs until 5 January 2013.

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